About Us

Founded in 1999 Cornerstone (CIS) is unique among money managers in that we have our own research analyst on staff. Founder and Chief Investment Strategist, John Riley, is also a Registered Research Analyst. This distinction ensures that CIS investment strategies are based on our own market research. We are not dependent on outside market research as many investment advisors are.

Even though CIS has its own research analyst, we still utilize the services of many premier research sources from providers, as diverse as institutional firms like MarketEdge, S&P Capital IQ, and Argus, to data sources, such as Interactive Data, Decision Economics, BondTraderPro, the St Louis Fed and Morningstar, to summary sources, such as Zacks, Hoover’s and Bloomberg, among others. We don’t have to rely on just one provider for information ensuring that we have the clearest picture of the current economic environment possible.


Cantella & Co., Inc
To handle all client back office support John chose the Broker/Dealer, Cantella & Co. Cantella has built their business around the belief that it’s not enough to simply meet your expectations. Their goal is to exceed them. They have been helping investors since 1952.