Plan Sponsor Consultant

If you are a pension Plan Sponsor there are some crucial aspects of your fiduciary responsibilities that you may not be aware of. In fact the SEC and DOL have concluded that the vast majority of pension Plan Sponsors do not have a clear understanding of their fiduciary responsibilities.

This is a huge problem for many business owners because, as a Plan Sponsor, you are also a plan fiduciary, which puts your personal assets at risk. Cornerstone’s (CIS) Chief Strategist, John Riley, is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®). The AIF® designation is only given to those with expertise in testing and analyzing Plans for their compliance to fiduciary standards.

Through John, CIS offers several tests and services that can give you a clear picture of your fiduciary processes and potential liabilities.

CIS is prepared to perform a range of services, from acting as a plan consultant, supervising the fiduciary processes, all the way to taking over a Plan and if necessary placing it with a new investment provider. Call us today to schedule your complementary consultation with one of our representatives. With all of the new DOL rules, there’s no reason to try and decipher them alone.