You’re at the top of your profession, whether it is legal, medical, education, or the arts, and you know how to run your practice or classroom better than anyone. But are your investments being managed as well? That feeling of dread you get when logging in to check your portfolio only confirms what you already know: that your investments are being managed haphazardly with little focus or strategy. 

Do you have time to fix this?  Of course not; you’re heading off to court, seeing patients, or reviewing your lesson plan.  You know your time is better spent honing your professional expertise, rather than pouring over stock charts. 

This is where Cornerstone comes in.  We are your professionals and have done the extra training to be experts in the investment field.  John Riley is the Chief Investment Strategist and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. Michael Curtis has spent time as a trader on the floor of the London Exchange and has completed the requirements to be an Investment Advisor Representative.  Together they offer over 50 years combined of tangible, real-world experience in the business.  

John and Mike make up the brain-trust of Cornerstone’s Investment Policy Committee.  Mike is the idea man, bringing forward-thinking ideas to the table that John then runs through a battery of tests to determine the potential for each idea. 
Mike spends time diagnosing the needs of each professional before recommending a course of action.  Mike and John are dedicated to strategically managing your portfolio so that you can spend time doing what you do best.  

Mike is always on the road meeting with business owners, professionals, and clients.  He keeps his schedule flexible to be able to plan portfolio reviews and accommodate last-minute meetings. 

If you want personalized service from someone that respects you, your time, and your profession, you want to set up a time to see Mike Curtis. 

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