Riskalyze Landing Page

Cornerstone’s Risk Analysis, CIS Investor RA and CIS Portfolio RA are cutting edge technology that identifies your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy. Using this tool, we ensure that your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expectations.


Step 1 - Create a large button with the text:  Discover your personal risk score here!
                        With this, you will know what your own Personal Risk Score is.

Step 2 – Send up a spreadsheet or pdf of your investments.  We need symbols and dollar amounts.
                        With this, you will know what your investment Portfolio Risk Score is.

Step 3 – Compare the 2 numbers.  Your Personal Risk Score is like your personal speed limit.  We want to make sure your Portfolio Risk Score doesn’t exceed your speed limit (Personal Risk Score)

Step 4 – Cornerstone regularly monitors the Personal Risk Scores and the Portfolio Risk Scores for their investment management clients.  This way, clients can have peace of mind that their portfolio will not get riskier than they can handle. 

To have your Portfolio Risk Score calculated: