Strategy & Portfolios

Cornerstone’s Investment Strategy is a sophisticated, yet common sense approach to managing your money in the current highly complicated and volatile environment.

We do not have a predisposition to any asset classes. What we trust is the fundamental data and where our proprietary research leads us. It is a strategy that few have ever deployed because of the time and attention required to execute it.

Cornerstone’s Quint-Essential Strategy is especially well suited for managed portfolios. Our clients can rest assured that their money is being deployed in a closely monitored diverse portfolio.

Investors don’t have to pore over charts, analyze research and discern trends. Cornerstone has been successfully managing money this way for years.

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

SWAT – Strategic Wealth Accumulation Tactics

  • A targeted approach to investing
  • Broadly diversified among sector leaders
  • Classic, fundamental stock picking, with technical guidance

Dividend Plus Portfolio

  • For investors looking for rising income
  • Utilizes a disciplined 5 tier screening system
  • Seeks out special situation higher yielding companies

The Global Strategic Trends Portfolio

  • The goal of this portfolio is to achieve long-term growth utilizing the long-term positive global trends.
  • The current trends include: the growth of the Emerging Markets (EM), global consumption and US companies that sell to the EM.
  • This portfolio is not risk managed and could be more volatile than other portfolios offered by CIS.

The Quint-Essential Strategy Portfolio

  • The goal of this portfolio is to manage risks, while aiming for long-term growth.
  • 3 Options: Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive
  • This portfolio is regularly re-balanced to take advantage of both the upside and downside of the current investing environment.

The Cornerstone Tactical Strategy

  • The goal of this portfolio is to give investors market participation while limiting losses during extended downturns
  • Utilizes highly liquid equity sector, and Treasury ETFs
  • Based on Quantitative buy and sell signals which are reviewed daily. It is re-balanced as the signals indicate.